HERE COMES HAMSTER MAN! Let's hang out with all of his friends—even the mean ones. Sound fun? Each adventure is more special than the last, and every character is just as awkward as all the others. Why are some of them so sensitive? Find out for yourself...

But not before listening to the Hamster Man Theme Song, written and recorded by Hamster Man's favorite band, Oblivion. Turn it up, and you'll feel the full effect of what is arguably the best jaw harp solo to come out of the Chicago punk scene in the late 1990s.

"Paul Koob's Chicago-based Hamster Man comic series captures human nature's flawed beauty... his unassuming cast of quirky, deadpan characters has charmingly championed the mundane, quietly soliciting laughs and subtly tugging heartstrings. " – Punk Planet

"The awkwardness of the figures may be the comics' most appealing feature... Koob's stories seem to draw humor out of their laconic pacing and the physical inability of the characters to play their assigned roles effectively instead of standard jokes and one-liners (of which there remain plenty). This makes the whole minimalist enterprise its own source of humor, the non-adventures of non-beings, fussy and fitful, as likely to end abruptly and in a dramatically unsatisfying manner as finish with a bang." – The Comics Reporter

"Large cast humor comics are at their best when the author is able, through repetition, to endow each character with strong, readily apparent traits and clearly define the relationships between the characters. Koob understands this. That is why Hamster Man will always be mean to The Monkey and why U-Head will always treat Hamster Man with sarcasm and contempt. The more it happens, the more ways Koob has to think of to make it happen and the funnier it gets." – The Comics Journal